Chinese Bamboo Tree...Do You Know the Story?

The Story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

The story of the Chinese bamboo tree is often used as a metaphor for patience, persistence, and delayed gratification. The story goes something like this:

     Once upon a time in China, there was a special type of bamboo tree that was known for its remarkable growth. Unlike most plants, the Chinese bamboo tree didn’t sprout quickly after it was planted. In fact, for the first four years, there was no visible sign of growth above the ground despite the care and attention given by the farmer.

    During these four years, the farmer would water and fertilize the soil, ensuring that the conditions were ideal for the bamboo tree to grow. Despite his efforts, there was no visible result, and it seemed as if nothing was happening.

     However, in the fifth year, something incredible occurred. The Chinese bamboo tree started to shoot up from the ground and grew to an astonishing height in just a few weeks. It turned out that the tree spent the first four years developing a strong and extensive root system underground. This foundation was essential for the tree to support its rapid growth in the fifth year.

     The moral of the story is that success, like the growth of the Chinese bamboo tree, often requires patience, perseverance, and a strong foundation. Sometimes, the results of our efforts may not be immediately visible, but with consistent nurturing and hard work, success can come unexpectedly and in abundance.

     This story is often used as an inspirational tale to encourage people to stay committed to their goals, even when they don’t see immediate results. It emphasizes the importance of laying a solid foundation and having faith in the process of growth and development.

Chinese Bamboo Tree


Stay committed to your dream.  It may not be easy, or seem like it’s gonna happen, but keep believing and keep achieving.  That 5th year is magical.

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