1 - Email Marketing Consulting.

Create your very own autoresponder complete with email marketing system on your very own server.   Brand Yourself with Your Personal Website!  

You suddenly are in total control of all your email marketing efforts.  You can NEVER be SHUT DOWN by anyone or any email marketing provider like Aweber, GetResponse, SendGrid, etc.

2 - Digital Marketing Coach/Trainer.

Contact me at chris@rchrisford.com for help!

3 - WordPress Website Designer.

Contact me at chris@rchrisford.com for help!

Requirements for Your Own Autoresponder include the following:

1 – Your chosen domain name;

2 – Your hosting account (approx. $30-50 USD per month  depending on the VPS server chosen, and includes CPanel on your own server);

PLEASE NOTE :  You can send receive emails after step 2 from Webmail.  If you wish to have a branded cryptocurrency worpdress website with Mailster email marketing system installed  please continue below.

3 – a wordpress website with your secret login info:

4 – Your Mailster email marketing system inside your wordpress website (approximately $199 one-time no monthly;  this is  subject to change);

You have a choice to email from your webmail server or your wordpress website.  If you choose to email from wordpress you will need Mailster  and  Elementor PRO plugin and page-builder (approx. $59/yearly).  If you wish to send and receive emails from Webmail no additional tools are needed.

5 – Latest Cryptocurrency wordpress plugins (optional) ($39/yearly)

For more info please contact chris@rchrisford.com.  For complete setup including domain DNS hosting records installed to obtain 10/10 mail score to inbox all emails, and installing wordpress on your cpanel server, and design of your website this takes approximately 3-5 days.   Availability and pricing depends on how many webpages you desire.