Mailster Email Marketing WordPress Plugin – How to Add Your Delivery Server

Mailster is the heart and soul of the ‘ALLIN1’ email marketing system. The ‘ALLIN1’ email marketing system changed how I run my business online.  Using this system, I am no longer susceptible to being shut down.  With this system, you are in total control of your email marketing efforts.  That’s how it should be, in […]

What is the ‘ALLIN1’ Email System?

What is the ‘ALLIN1’ Email Marketing System? I created the ‘allin1’ email marketing system out of necessity.  You see, the backstory here is very important.  After using the major email marketing providers including Aweber, GetResponse & SendGrid for many months, all 3 disabled my account within an 18 month period. You wake up one morning […]