What is the ‘ALLIN1’ Email System?

What is the ‘ALLIN1’ Email Marketing System?

I created the ‘allin1’ email marketing system out of necessity.  You see, the backstory here is very important.  After using the major email marketing providers including Aweber, GetResponse & SendGrid for many months, all 3 disabled my account within an 18 month period.

You wake up one morning and ‘wallah’ your account has been disabled for violation of our ‘terms and conditions’.  What that meant I have no idea even to this day.  So, after trying multiple platforms, I believe this system is absolutely, hands down, the best email marketing system you can use.


Why is the ALLIN1 System the best?

For many reasons.  I will highlight the major ones below.

1 – Total control.  You see, when you use this system no one can ever ‘disable’ your account.  You are the admin and in total control of your VPS server. 

2 – Cost savings.  As you build your email marketing list, using the major email marketing providers can be quite expensive monthly.  With the ‘ALLIN1’ system we limit our monthly costs and still send unlimited emails.  The major email providers don’t want you to know or focus on this.  That is how they earn enormous  profits at your expense.  

3 – Efficiency.  With the email marketing platform located inside your wordpress blog, this feature creates ease of use and is very efficient.   You can create blog posts, videos, etc. while sending emails.

4 – Professionalism.  The customized niche wordpress blog combined with email marketing works for any niche.  Whatever industry you are in (gym, salon, spa, professional services, etc.) this system works.  

What are the major ingredients of the ‘ALLIN1’ System?

This is an excellent question and I will discuss them below.

1 – You will need a domain name to begin with.  You can obtain a domain from several  places online including Godaddy, namecheap, contabo, etc. to name a few.  Just make sure you have your domain login info in a safe place and readily available.  This will be needed to install the necessary DNS records for your domain.

2 – Ingredient 2 of the ‘ALLIN1’ system is your VPS server.  I use Contabo.com for my VPS server.  You can get started with the server at approximately $6.99/month and be sure to include Cpanel.  Your total monthly server costs will be approximately $25-30 USD.

3 – Ingredient  3 is Mailster email marketing wordpress plugin.  After we install wordpress on cpanel, we will need Mailster.  Mailster is available at codecanyon.net for a one-time cost of approximately $89 USD.  There are no monthly fees with Mailster.  

4 – The final ingredient of the ‘ALLIN1’ system is Elementor PRO.  Elementor PRO is a page builder wordpress plugin.  It is available beginning at  approximately $49/year per website.   We need this plugin to build our custom pages and setup our newsletter.  

For more info on the ‘ALLIN1’ system click the button below.

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