What is DHF (Decentralized Hedge Fund) and How Does it Work?

DHF (Decentralized Hedge Fund) is quite unique.  This cryptocurrency trading platform has been around since its inception January 2020.  How would I describe DHF in a few short words?  Simple, easy, effective, reliable.

Speaking from experience, I have earned from DHF since its inception.  Month after month after month the earnings have been credited to my account on the 1st of each month.  Amazing!  This is Ai (artificial intelligence) cryptocurrency trading at its best.In my opinion, the best way to describe DHF is by question and answer form taken directly from the website.  So here goes.

How do I invest in DHF? 

You simply make a deposit in any of four cryptocurrencies including bitcoin (btc), ethereum (eth), Tether (USDT), or US coin (USDC).  That’s it plain and simple.  Make your deposit and the Ai takes over.


Why doesn’t anyone own the DHF company?  

DHF runs on Artificial Intelligence technology, which owns, trade, and manages itself autonomously. DHF is a decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

Who runs the system of DHF?

The technology behind the working of DHF is Artificial Intelligence technology, running autonomously 24/7.

If I have any issues, who do I contact?

DHF is a technology-based solution and is the most transparent platform which is governed by no-one.

Are there any limitations for withdrawing money from my DHF account?

There are no limitations for withdrawing funds. However you need to remember that the withdrawing amount does not generate profits for the current month. Anytime there is a withdrawal, the money withdrawn will stop earning and the earnings from the beginning of the month to the date of withdrawal will be equally distributed to all of DHFs investors. Your DHF account will earn only on the money that is invested in the account for the entire month. DHF recommends that you withdrawal at the beginning of the month.

What kind of trading does DHF do?

Spot and futures on cryptocurrency exchanges

How does DHF trade?

All trades are managed by the AI using technical analysis of the charts.

How much of my money does DHF trade at once?

Depends on the market conditions, usually around 60-70%.

What is the risk involved?

Virtual currencies are speculative investments which involve substantial risk of loss and are not suitable for all investors. There are no guaranties of profit. Investments in virtual currencies can result in investors losing their entire investment. To minimize these risk DHF locks in a stop on every trade putting all trades at risk to lose only maximum of 3%. 4 out of 5 DHF trades show positive gains.

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