Mailster Email Marketing WordPress Plugin – How to Add Your Delivery Server

Mailster is the heart and soul of the ‘ALLIN1’ email marketing system.

The ‘ALLIN1’ email marketing system changed how I run my business online.  Using this system, I am no longer susceptible to being shut down.  With this system, you are in total control of your email marketing efforts.  That’s how it should be, in my opinion.
Mailster wordpress plugin is the ‘heart and soul’ of the Allin1 system.  Regardless of your online niche, regardless of whatever you are promoting or selling online, using Mailster will benefit you greatly.  The video below shows how to install Mailster on your wordpress blog.

You can run a multi-million dollar online business with Mailster.

In this writer’s opinion, you can run any business using Mailster wordpress plugin.  Any business large or small can take advantage of Mailster.  In a previous blog post, I illustrated a few of the advantages of using Mailster email marketing wordpress plugin.  
Just to name a couple without reiterating that entire blog post, here goes.  Using Mailster with a large list over 100,000 subscribers will save you tons of money monthly.  That’s right, tons of money monthly.  How do I know?  Because it happened to me.  As your subscriber list grows, the other email providers charge more per month.  Such as Aweber, GetResponse, SendGrid etc.  It can be very costly and eat into your hard earned profits.
And, it is easy to use.  Sending emails and looking at your email statistics from inside your wordpress backoffice is a huge time-saver.  More importantly, it’s fun to use.

What is a ‘delivery server’?

A ‘delivery server’ is how your emails are delivered to your subscribers.  In the ‘ALLIN1’ system we use cpanel/whm.  Our delivery server is created from cpanel/whm and uses port 2096 as webmail.  We take our webmail (or smtp mail server) and attach it to our wordpress website using Mailster.  We can now send emails from inside our wordpress website.
This setup costs us approximately $25-30 USD monthly.  That’s it.  There are no monthly fees with  Mailster.  Mailster is available for a one-time $89 USD at
As the video above illustrates, just make sure your download your zip file after purchasing Mailster and have your purchase code available.  You will need both to install Mailster on wordpress.

What are the ingredients of the ‘ALLIN1’ system?

In a previous blog post I detailed the ingredients of the ‘ALLIN1’ email marketing system.   You can read it here.  However, for easy reading I will list them below.
1 – Domain name;
2 – VPS server;
3 – Mailster wordpress plugin;
4- Elementor PRO wordpress plugin.
All of the above ingredients are installed on our own VPS server.  I use  If you want more info on this system click here.  Installation takes approximately 3-5 days depending on your package choice.  Allow up to 10 days for customizing your wordpress site.

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