Live Demo – How to Deposit Bitcoin From Coinbase to DHF

DHF Decentralized Hedge Fund – How to Deposit Bitcoin From Coinbase

In this video demonstration, I illustrate how to deposit bitcoin (btc) from Coinbase to DHF.  Remember, you can deposit any of 4 crytptocurrencies to DHF to earn passive income.  These 4 cryptocurrencies include btc, eth, USDT, or USDC. 

You can deposit from an EXCHANGE or WALLET directly to DHF.  Simply copy and paste the deposit address and send.  That’s it.  Your account will begin trading automatically for you.  

What are the advantages of earning Passive Income with DHF? 

A few reasons I prefer DHF Decentralized Hedge Fund include the following:

1 – Easy of use.  DHF is simple to use.  DHF is fun.  DHF is profitable.  No experience needed.  Anyone can do this.

2 – Consistency of earnings.  DHF has deposited directly into my account on the 1st of each month since its inception January 2020.  It’s consistent and has never missed a month of earning.  Even in a bear market DHF earns for you.

3 – Withdraw anytime.  Being able to withdraw your earnings is the most fun aspect of DHF.  Simply click withdraw and send either btc, eth, USDT or USDC to your wallet or exchange.  

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