Legendary Marketer 5 Day Business Builder Challenge Review

What is Legendary Marketer?

     Legendary Marketer is an educational training platform for online digital marketers.  It was founded by David Sharpe over 10 years ago.  The primary function of Legendary Marketer is to teach, train, education and inspire digital marketers to start a business or grow their existing business.  

5 Day Business Builder Challenge Review

     Recently Legendary Marketer completed a 5 Day Business Builder Challenge designed to give you a behind the curtains look at what Legendary Marketer is all about.  The Video below illustrates:

Day 1 - Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • THE CORE FOUR: Understand the four core areas of digital marketing that give you options.
  • INTRODUCTION TO FUNNELS: Understand what this process looks like as you implement what you learn with your first funnel!
  • NICHE SELECTION: Uncover what you love and how to begin to monetize it.

Day 2 - Launch With a Focus on Content Creation

  • Quick Launch Strategies: Learn how to quickly launch your business with a focus on content creation.
  • INTRODUCTION TO FACELESS MARKETING: You can get your first post up quickly without the added anxiety of going on camera.

Day 3 - Lead with Confidence

  • We dive into detailed content creation where you’re the face of your brand.
  • We show you how to unlock the leader hidden within and arm you with a tool belt of content strategy and tips.

Day 4 - Entrepreneur Mindset

  • Entrepreneurial Dynamics: Understand the mindset and dynamics of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Day 5 - Business Plan Class

  • Craft Your Plan:Dave walks you through putting together a comprehensive business plan class, so you can continue to take focused, intentional action with your online business.

Bonus' for Attending the 5 Day Business Builder Challenge


    By the time you’re done with the 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge, you’ll have the foundational training you need, an actual physical business plan to follow, your funnel and your email list set-up properly, and ready for you to launch with a content plan in hand!


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