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Let’s get your funnel setup. Follow these video instructions.  If you have any questions or need assistance reach out to chris@fatkatcommissions.com.  For those that prefer telephone contact and need help with your funnel:  text me at USA +1 (804) 201-3866 and subject line “Funnel Help” and I will call you back.

Table of Contents

Step 1:  Your Domain Name (2 videos)

Step 2:  Connect Domain to Systeme.io

Step 3:  Funnel Share Code

Step 4:  Email Campaign (3 videos + bonus download)

Steo 5:  Edit your pages and add affiliate links (2 videos)

Step 6:  Send Traffic to your Funnel

Step 7:  Join the Facebook Group

>>Done-For-You Video (optional)<<

Step 1: Your Domain name.
Video 1 - Buying a Domain and Pro Email at Godaddy Step by Step.

In step 1 you will need a domain name.  If you already have a domain great.  If not, purchase one at godaddy, namecheap, etc.  If you use godaddy, you will also need the professional email (it’s only $2/month approximately).  The video below illustrates.  

Step 1: Your Domain Name.
Video 2 - How to Add a Custom Domain in Systeme.io

Step 2: Connect Your Domain and Professional Email from Godaddy to System.io.

In step 2 you will connect your domain name and professional email to system.io.  Make sure your purchase the professional email from Godaddy when you purchase your domain.  The video below illustrates.

Step 3: Systeme.io Funnel Share Code.

This funnel share code gives you immediate access to the Fatkatcommissions.com sales funnel.  You can use it to get started or create your own funnel.  It’s easy, fun and highly profitable to use funnels.

systeme.io Funnel Share Code - https://systeme.io/funnel/share/3650273d25015d3c290d43a87e99a40f6ba3a91

Step 4: Create an Email Campaign and Follow-up Emails in Systeme.io

Create your campaign and follow-up emails in Systeme.io.

Video 1 - Create an email campaign in systeme.io

Video 2 - Add a RULE to automate your emails

Free Bonus - 5 Email Sequence Download

Video 3 - How to add Bonus 5 Email sequence email to autoresponder

Step 5: How to Edit Your Lead Capture Page, Sales Page and Add Your Affiliate Links

In this video tutorial we will use ChatGPT to edit Lead Page and add Your info on the lead capture page and sales page.  We will also add your affiliate links to the sales page.

Video 1- edit your lead capture page & sales page

Video 2 - Compliance (Privacy policy & Income disclaimer)

Video 3: How to Add Your Bridge Video on the Sales Page (optional)

Step 6: How to Send Traffic to Your Funnel with Udimi

In this video tutorial we will send traffic to our systeme.io landing page.

Step 7: The Fatkatcommissoins Facebook Group

For all affiliate members of systeme.io and Legendary Marketer join our facebook group here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1182374209867736

Option - Done For You Sales Funnel ($297 USD one-time)

Done For You Sales Funnel

Submit the following to chris@fatkatcommissions.com

1 – Your domain name if you have one.  If not, please provide requested domain name choice.  I will also need your godaddy.com login info.

2 – Your systeme.io login info will also be needed to connect your domain and sales funnel.

3 – Your systeme.io affiliate link;  your legendary marketer 5 day business builder challenge affiliate link; and your udimi solo ad affilliate link.

4 – A 5 email sequence will also be provided in your systeme.io account and sales funnel.

5 – Please provide your best contact email and phone number if USA.  

Expect 2-3 days delivery.